Jun 17, 2018

Back pain got ya down? AMA about pain and how to return to things your love with Amy Eicher, pain coach- BSED, MAR, PTA, from www.RestoringVenus.com

Amy Eicher: Ice and or heat applied to the skin give a novel or “different” sensation to the brain. This information is sometimes enough to lower the “threat level” and there for the brain no longer sees a need to produce the experience of pain as a warning. In …

AMA: Confessions of a fitness coach: Turn swimsuit DREAD into Confidence!

Dottie LeBlanc: I countinue to go thru training to ensure that i'm up to date. As of right now I hold two separate barre certifications. I am currently also undergoing final certification for my personal trainer cert work in more weight work. Thru that program I wil…

How's Your Love Life? Got a Question? AMA the NO BS LOVE LIFE COACH, Lisa Concepcion, Certified Coach and Founder of LoveQuest Coaching. Get clarity!! Get POWER!!

I'm a coach for LGBTQ entrepreneurs. I specialize in self care and creating a plan for being out (or not) in your business. Ask me anything.

Veronica Kirin: Everyone is different, so this is a complex question to answer!  One may feel challenged if they are in the closet, because they may have to make strategic decisions about wording and visibility.  Location can make a big difference, too, as can the r…

Registered Nurse/Life Coach Turns Opiate Addiction Into Story of Success! AMA!

Tiffany Swedeen: Thanks, good question. I feel both of those emotions, depending on the day and situation. I don’t spend much time feeling guilty though- it’s not a very useful emotion for me, as I haven’t engaged in addictive behaviors for years. I try to look forwa…

Excited about the World Cup? join me in AMA to discuss who will win and why. Ask me anything about football/soccer.

Con Boutsianis: No I dont think so. They played very well but couldnt stop Ronaldo as many have experienced the same fate. 
Jun 13, 2018

AMA Renowned Business Coaches and Entrepreneurs Share Strategies for Crafting Quality Company Culture!

KayAndShi: The hardest part is watching others sit with their frustrations, challenges, pains and dreams and not acting on them when you’ve equipped and encouraged them with the right next steps. Being on the outside looking in what it takes to get them to wher…

I empower people. I’m a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach who isn’t afraid to help you achieve your biggest goals and overcome your toughest shit. I want you to be your best self. Ask Me Anything.

Anne Brackett: It doesn’t make it more difficult. It just means taking a broader approach. Finding out what you need or what’s preventing you from being happy becomes the goal. We’d spend most of our time exploring your individual talents and how they play out in y…

Coaching-AMA-Dr. Tracey M. Phillips- Licensed Counselor/Therapist and skilled Social Work Educator and Practitioner; Certified Grant Specialist; Career Coach.

Dr. Tracey M. Phillips: Many people make their resumes too long. They also bury the most relevant information. Most HR personnel only view a resume for about 15 seconds. They look for key words that fit into the position. If they do not see those words up front, they move o…
Jun 11, 2018

#AMA for aspiring novelists with a writer's coach! I'm an award-winning YA fantasy and paranormal romance novelist helping writers bring their books to life as a writer's coach and teacher. I help writers get their books written, polished, and published to the delight of their readers. Let's chat about how. It's not one-size fits all. :) I'm here to answer any questions you have!

Beth Barany: My approach varies greatly depending on the needs of the writer. So my strategy is to have an in-depth conversation to discover what each writer needs and wants. Then we want to work together, we see which of my programs or courses would be best for …
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