May 25, 2018

Darryl Whiting, Coach, Fitness Expert, Exercise Specialist and Trainer, Bull by the Horns Fitness, NYC. Ask Me Anything!

Dwhiting: I make it enjoyable by changing my mindset. I like to get better and learn every day so I enjoy challenging myself mentally and physically. To benefit from exercise, you have to enjoy it.

Matt Rosenblum, CEO of Advanced Life Coch Marketing, Marketing Consultant/Coach for Life Coaches AMA.

Matt Rosenblum: There are more life coaches now and more businesses in general now over the internet. Simply creating a blog and cross-posting to social media is no longer enough. Life coaches who succeed use sophisticated marketing methods such as niche marketing, …

AMA - Dating and Relationship Coach based in NYC

Anna Morgenstern: I studied psychology and sociology in college and have always been very interested in dating and relationships. I’ve read every book under the sun on this topic and am even writing my own book. Whenever you are very interested in something you become…

I'm Kris and I chose a $60,000 pay cut to become a mindset and play coach, and I do not believe in work/life balance. Want to know HOW? Ask me anything.

Kris Deminick: I have! And it is a project that is underway slowly. I'd love to know what you'd most like to read about in such a book? 

I'm R!k Schnabel, an Executive Coach, Speaker, NLP & Coach Trainer, and Author. Ask me anything.

Rik Schnabel: Bryce Courtenay once said, the best thing an aspiring writer can do, is write something every day. I must agree.  There are too many intellectuals out there that will tell you this and that about success, but have never achieved success because it's …

AMA! Kerry Wekelo: Want to skyrocket your career? Start a new business? I have been coaching others at my firm and personally and have seen others blossom to meet their DREAMS.

Kerry Alison Wekelo: This is a tough question as I give away ideas all the time and it depends on the company/person on the ideas. In general, you can never go wrong with focusing on your people first, empowering them to be their best and understanding their strengths. M…

My name is Toni Marinucci and I am a Registered Dietitian who coaches people on how to develop healthy habits so that they can overcome the perpetuates cycle of dieting. Ask me anything!

Toni Marinucci, MS, RDN: Hi Marie, Healthy eating on a budget is 100% do-able. I have a few tips that can help, which I will list here but I strongly encourage you listen to my podcast episode about it to drive these points home! Tips With Toni Podcast: Healthy Eating on a B…

Leadership Life Coach- Ask Me Anything.

Ja Vaughna B.: Yes. coachjavaughna 

Amy McNally Success coach who specializes in helping clients make more money! AMA

Coachamymcnally: I don’t use software, I focus on having the right mindset around money to allow more in!
May 23, 2018

Certified Sleep Coach and Co-Founder of ready to answer Ask Me Anything on sleep or sleep related products.

Bill Fish: Thanks Ann, if it takes you longer than 30 minutes to fall asleep on a daily basis, it could mean a few things.  The first question I would ask is how much sleep are you getting on average each night? If you are sleeping over seven hours, there is a …
May 22, 2018

Psychologist, Personal Trainer, and Wellness Coach who Lost 100+ Pounds AMA with Kimi Walker

Kimi Walker: Great question! I am trained in Vinyasa or Flow. This still continues to be one of my favorite styles to teach and participate in. 
May 22, 2018

Fitness Industry Expert. Looking to optimize your health & fitness? Ask me anything.

Angelo Gala: Primarily focus on resistance trainig (squats, shoulder presses, bent over rows) and high tension calisthenics (push-ups, tuck planche, L- sit, Pull-up progressions).  Resistane training will provide the most bang for your buck by building lean mass …

I'm a holistic health coach and wellness advocate. I believe in addressing the cause of health issues through good diet, exercise and lifestyle choices. Ask me anything

Monika Pietrowski: Someone they can trust and feel comfortable sharing their health concerns with. Someone who will motivate them to create and reach their own goals. A strong sense of empathy is also helpful.  Deep down, we all know what we could be doing to live a ha…
May 20, 2018

Challenged by your product, customer, user and how to visualise product-market fit... AMA about product innovation and commercialisation.

Guy Inbar: Thanks for your question - The below summarises it well.

Successful business coach AMA

Jane Willmott: Self care...if you don't look after yourself then you're going to struggle for focus. Make sure your daily needs and thrive needs are taken care of
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