With 11 years of treating muscle and skeletal injuries, I have seen a lot of patients. From sports injuries to chronic back issues. Ask me about your injuries, here on AMA!

Alice Holland: Alter your positions regularly. The best thing is to get a treadmill desk where you can walk very slowly while doing your deskwork. The next best thing is a sit-stand desk. If you have no choice in your job but to be sitting, at least get up every 1/…

Looking to overcome fear, doubt, and frustration while you prospect and sell? I coach online business owners helping them double their discipline and focus. Ask me anything...

Tyson Sharpe: That's what my program is all about. But to answer you as an example, you will be staying inside a comfort zone for safety and certainty. However, there are some things you value more than just feeling safe and comfortable. For my clients that may be…
Jul 22, 2018

Autobiography coach, writer, newspaper print editor - AMA on life stories, writing and interviewing loved ones so that unique memories live on.

Nicola: I am based in Northern New South Wales, Australia. I run an online business, Forever Young Autobiographies, but travel when I can ;)
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