Hey am Allan, Ask Me Anything about football and the English premier league.

Allan Otieno
Nov 11, 2017

With over ten years watching and keenly following the English Premier League, I have a vast knowledge of this intriguing and exciting league. Being the most watched league in the world definitely, the drama has to be discussed. Let's talk about transfers both elusive and real, the big money spenders, the economists (read Arsene Wenger) and the businessmen. Come lets have a banter.

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do you play football very well ?

Nov 11, 7:24PM EST0

Who's your favorite footballer?

Nov 11, 3:14PM EST0

How many players are in a Gaelic football team?

Nov 9, 9:24AM EST0

I meant football, soccer the 11 aside football, the rest am alien to, thank you.

Nov 9, 11:15PM EST0

Do you play football?

Nov 8, 1:21AM EST0

yes, I do indulge in this lovely game of football.

Nov 9, 11:12PM EST0

How do I get my child do be interested in football?

Nov 7, 8:47PM EST0

The love of football is rather gradual, so my advice would be to slowly ease him/her into it, watching a football match can be a good starting point, he/she may not focus on the game but just spark the interest from there.

Nov 8, 12:23AM EST0

What country has the best team in your opinion?

Nov 7, 8:44PM EST0

in my opinion, Belgium has a great collection of players who are yet to find their synchrony, if they happen to get it right they can be a force to reckon with.

Nov 8, 12:25AM EST0

Didn't the Mayans play a similar game?

Nov 7, 3:46PM EST0

How old are you?

Nov 7, 3:21PM EST0

am 23

Nov 8, 12:25AM EST0

What do you think about the season of Leicester City?

Nov 7, 3:10PM EST0

Manager rotation ain't helping the course of Leicester, and they haven't been able to replace the midfield that was so integral part of there success, so I won't doom them to relegation but a bottom half finish maybe.

Nov 8, 12:28AM EST0

Where are you from?

Nov 7, 11:32AM EST0

Am from Nairobi Kenya.

Nov 8, 12:29AM EST0

Do you have a sports blog?

Nov 7, 10:29AM EST0

no, not actually, I don't run a blog.

Nov 8, 12:31AM EST0

What position do you play?

Nov 7, 12:51AM EST0

I play defensive midfield position.

Nov 8, 12:30AM EST0

Who are the best players in the sport?

Nov 6, 9:04AM EST0

Best players without any discernible order will be

Messi, Christiano Ronaldo, Gaucho Ronaldinho, Eric Cantona, George Best, Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima yoh bro give me a limit, I can say names all day

Nov 6, 2:50PM EST0

What type of cat was the official mascot for the 2010 FIFA World Cup?

Nov 6, 7:39AM EST0

was it a leopard, yeah it as a leopard. I see I can also run a channel on animals

Nov 6, 2:52PM EST0

So, you just watch football on tv? You're not in the sport in some manner?

Nov 6, 6:41AM EST0

I play football alright, but I have Jose Mourinho as a mentor so I don't have to know a lot of football to comment on it 

Nov 6, 2:54PM EST0

Who is your all time favourite football player

Nov 6, 4:28AM EST0

It has to be the  European capital of trophies, say it with me............ Manchester United.

Nov 6, 2:55PM EST0

Which player scored for both sides during the 1987 F.A. Cup Final?

Nov 5, 11:03AM EST0

yoh bro you gonna make use some Google right here

Nov 6, 2:56PM EST0

As far as sport is concerned, what do you feel about negative motivation?

Nov 5, 4:16AM EST0

awww! ok that aside, the mind works best in a tranquil environment, this state of tranqulity can however be offset with consant reminders of impending failure, whether real or percieved. This is very evident in sports, to culture  positive motivation sevaral solutions have been engineered; not limited to team mascots, cheer leaders,club anthems and so forth. hope you answered damsel.

Nov 6, 3:06PM EST0

what does UEFA stand for?

Nov 4, 11:57PM EDT0

 Union of European Foe Union of European Football Associations, I bet not a lot of people know this

Nov 6, 3:07PM EST0

What is your favorite team?

Nov 4, 10:05AM EDT0

Manchester United, GGMU

Nov 6, 3:08PM EST0
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