Hi! I am Opeyemi. I am the owner/manager of 36lion f.c. AMA

Dec 18, 2017

36lion football club, established since year 2000, is a full fledge professional football club based in Lagos Nigeria. It is a corporate organization register to educate, develop and promote young footballers in Nigeria/Africa, Lagos state in particular. This club is affiliated with Lagos state football association, Nigeria 🇳🇬 football federation and also under the corporate affairs commission. 36lionfc.com


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I don't know anything about football, can you explain it to me?

Dec 19, 1:49AM EST0

How do you see your team 5 years from now?

Dec 18, 3:33PM EST0

Do you offer programs / summer clinics to children who want to be football players?

Dec 15, 9:58AM EST0

What inspired you to manage a football club?

Dec 3, 12:49AM EST0

What is your vision for this team.

Nov 28, 1:24PM EST0

Do you offer programs / summer clinics to children who want to be football players?

Nov 26, 10:27PM EST0

What is your favourite position to either play or watch?

Nov 20, 4:13AM EST0

Which is your favorite football club?

Nov 7, 3:29PM EST0

Do you play the sport? If so how long have you been playing for?

Nov 3, 12:17PM EDT0

How long have you been playing for?

Nov 2, 2:36AM EDT0

What country has the best team in your opinion?

Oct 31, 12:10AM EDT0

Why is it called Soccer in the USA, but Football everywhere else?

Oct 29, 4:22AM EDT0

Do you also work with nutrition with your team?

Oct 29, 3:45AM EDT0

What is it about Football that you love?

Oct 28, 8:05PM EDT0

Why do you think being part a sport is important?

Oct 28, 4:26PM EDT0

Who are the best players in the sport?

Oct 28, 4:02PM EDT0

Why did you choose football over other sports?

Oct 28, 3:19PM EDT0

What type of cat was the official mascot for the 2010 FIFA World Cup?

Oct 28, 3:02PM EDT0

How many players are in a Gaelic football team?

Oct 25, 8:32PM EDT0

what does UEFA stand for?

Oct 23, 11:07AM EDT0
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