I am SanGeetham. I am a martial art trainer & also own the championship of Euro Mulimpia (1st place). Ask me anything!

Sep 12, 2017

As a girl i always heard Martial Art is not for girls. I was advised to learn singing, dancing, etc. Bur i believe if you can dream it then you can do it. 

Dr. lee is my Grandmaster. I'm blessed to have Dr. lee as my mentor as well. Our Grandmaster taught us to train hard & people can achieve any goals! 

I am a very ordinary girl but I don't give up easily. I fight for what i want. We learn this sport not to hurt anyone but to be savior.  I'll be honored of anyone inspired by me & learn Martial Artūü•č 

This is my insta id: san_geetham

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How many competitions do you do per year?

Sep 12, 11:48AM EDT0

It depends dear. Martial arts is not just about competition, i consider it as booster of empowering, confident personality. It's mainly a defense method.

Sep 12, 10:53PM EDT0

I understand

Sep 12, 11:50PM EDT0

How do you deal with problem children (attention deficit order or defiancy disorder)?

Sep 12, 10:23AM EDT0

We pay them extra attention. We do consulting sessions with them along with their parents

Sep 12, 10:50PM EDT0

That's good. Do you think the discipline helps children with these problems?

Sep 13, 12:12AM EDT0

How much does it cost to go to a class and what do I need to buy?

Sep 12, 9:53AM EDT0

The cost is depend on your area. You don't need any exclusive things to buy, just a pair of shoes & stretching pant at the beginning 

Sep 12, 10:45PM EDT0

Can it become costly as training progresses, ie special shoes etc?

Sep 13, 10:56AM EDT0

Are all teachers qualified or do they all have a certain grade?

Sep 12, 9:43AM EDT0

we all learned from out grandmaster. he is the one who taught us all. You can consider us as advisor 

Sep 12, 10:43PM EDT0

Have you won anything so far?

Sep 12, 7:50AM EDT0

i won the championship of Euro Mulimpia.

Sep 12, 10:42PM EDT0

What other championships do you compete in?

Sep 13, 9:05AM EDT0

Who taught you the art when you started learning

Sep 12, 6:53AM EDT0

at first i learned in a local martial arts school 

Sep 12, 10:39PM EDT0

Wow very interesting. What kind of martial art is it again?

Sep 13, 1:19AM EDT0

What is martial art are you practicing?

Sep 12, 4:57AM EDT0

Kung fu, Hap ki do, etc. 

Last edited @ Sep 12, 10:39PM EDT.
Sep 12, 10:38PM EDT0

I've heard of Kung Fu, what is Hap Ki Do? Can you briefly explain the concept?

Sep 13, 12:26AM EDT0

What are the mental and physical benefits of practicing martial art?

Sep 12, 4:48AM EDT0

In martial arts training we do warmup , stretching, and then training. so it loses your weight and help you to keep fit. 

Psychological benefits are mainly focusing and concentrated in work more, it alsoremoves hypertension.

Sep 12, 10:38PM EDT0

Can you join at any age?

Sep 13, 12:47AM EDT0

What age are your students and are most male of female?

Sep 12, 2:52AM EDT0

There are no age or gender superiority here.

Last edited @ Sep 12, 4:35PM EDT.
Sep 12, 4:35PM EDT0

In your experience, have you found certain age groups are more likely to continue their training & if so which age groups?

Sep 12, 10:32PM EDT0

How long have you been teaching?

Sep 12, 2:47AM EDT0

Mainly i don't trained people. Consider me as a advisor 

Sep 12, 4:34PM EDT0

Do you advise on technique, discipline or something different?

Sep 13, 12:20AM EDT0

I love the idea of martial arts? Do you learn hand to hand combat? Are you taught to only use martial arts in competitions and only in defense? Where would you suggest I go to learn martial arts? What type of martial arts do you know?

Sep 11, 9:02PM EDT0
  1. Yes
  2. i learned both
  3. Its better to learn it from a professional grandmaster.
  4. Kung fu, hap ki do, etc.
Sep 12, 4:32PM EDT0

Can anyone learn it?

Sep 11, 8:55PM EDT0

Yes,you just need motivation to do that. nothing is impossible if you really really rwant it.

Sep 12, 4:31PM EDT0

What about people with physical or mental disabilities, what aspects are they able to learn?

Sep 13, 12:39AM EDT0

When would you turn a child down to learn martial arts?

Sep 11, 8:52PM EDT0

well, a child need to be mentally convinced. so we give them extra attention not only about their physical construction but also their mind.

Sep 12, 4:30PM EDT0

Can you be more specific?

Sep 12, 11:35PM EDT0

What do you enjoy most about this sport?

Sep 11, 6:09PM EDT0

The strength & inner power. It taught me to be a savior.

Sep 12, 4:27PM EDT0

What is the philosophy of the martial art you are doing?

Sep 11, 5:04PM EDT0

Can adults still start to take up martial arts when they are older or is it best to start at a young age?

Sep 11, 4:16PM EDT0

I always prefer to learn in the beginning. so yes, younger age is better for learning 

Sep 12, 4:18PM EDT0

Other than the physical challenges of being an older student, what other reasons are there for learning when younger?

Sep 13, 5:37PM EDT0

Do you do an initial consultation with the child before you take them on or is it a case of the parents want their child to go and the child has to?

Sep 11, 3:37PM EDT0

It depends on their age.but,  of course we talk to them & then decide what is best for them.

Sep 12, 4:17PM EDT0

Is it difficult to learn?

Sep 11, 3:24PM EDT0

No it's not difficult, you just need motivation to do it.

Sep 12, 4:16PM EDT0

Do you have any accreditations or are you affiliated to a school and larger organizations?

Sep 11, 2:28PM EDT0

I learned from Dr. Lee. Its a martial arts training school.

Sep 12, 4:15PM EDT0

Have you ever been injured?

Sep 11, 2:08PM EDT0

Yes, If you are in a sports you have to accept the injuries. You can't have rainwithout a little rain. 

Sep 12, 4:14PM EDT0

What has been the worst injury that you have suffered?

Sep 13, 3:43PM EDT0

Do you have facebook or twitter that I can follow?

Sep 11, 12:55PM EDT0

Yes , My instagram account is already given. you can follow me there. 

Sep 12, 4:11PM EDT0

Hi. How do you tailor lessons for kids? How is it different when training adults? 

Sep 11, 11:41AM EDT0

For kids we need to be very sensitive & careful. They are just kids, they can't take care of themselves. We taught them as a kid but we motivate them same as we motivate the adults 

Sep 12, 4:10PM EDT0

How often and how long do you train each week?

Sep 11, 11:39AM EDT0

It is a complex question.Motivation is the main thing in martial arts so urmotive for studying martial arts will largely impact this answer.

Sep 12, 4:08PM EDT0

Is there a minimum number of hours required and if so, ideally, what would that be and why?

Sep 13, 11:35AM EDT0

Which martial art do you practice?

Sep 11, 8:37AM EDT0

Kung fu, Hap ki do,  taekwondo mainly. I like to leran new things, i will learn oymethods in future. 

Sep 12, 4:05PM EDT0
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