I live for sports and advertising, so... why not join the best of both worlds? I create branded content for a major Sports Channel and I have a lot of fun with that. AMA!

Alfonso Solís
Mar 12, 2018

We can talk sports, we can talk advertising... show me that piece you like the most. Ask me for some advice or share some with me. Tell me how much you liked your team last weekend...  

I've been working as a creative advertiser for 11 years now and I've loved sports for 30 years (I'm 32, but the first two years you're not really aware of what a touchdown or a goal are). I've worked great stuff with major brands and helped some to grow...  

Feel free to ask anything, I'll be glad to have a word with you.


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Who or what is your sporting nemesis?
Mar 18, 3:49AM EDT0
What was your best "drop the mic" moment?
Mar 18, 3:23AM EDT0
Which athlete would make the worst leader of a country and why?
Mar 18, 12:23AM EDT0
What long shot have you taken in your career that really paid off?
Mar 16, 5:55PM EDT0
What high-level job do you think you could lie your way into with no experience and no one would notice?
Mar 16, 3:40AM EDT0

It is hard to say you can lie your way into a good job and get away with murder. Truth will eventually come out one way or another. There are some cases in which this has happened. Do you know the case of Carlos Henrique Raposo? That might be the best example I could think of. Uhmmm...  a priest may also be a good answer.

Mar 16, 3:53PM EDT0
What’s your full time job? Do you work in a sports-related industry too?
Mar 13, 12:52PM EDT0

Hello, Faith.

Yes, I do. I'm a Creative Producer for Fox Sports in Mexico.

Mar 13, 4:01PM EDT0
What’s the difference between soccer and football?
Mar 13, 9:20AM EDT0

You could say it's the same thing and you'd be right. You could say they're not and you'd still be right.It depends on where you talk about. In the US, football is more frequently related to American Football (NFL), in England, football is soccer.I prefer to call it fútbol, there is no way you're wrong with this. ;)

Mar 13, 4:03PM EDT0
What are some of your favorite sports talk shows of all time?
Mar 13, 7:52AM EDT0

Uhhhhmmmmmm... One of them is one I am currently working with. It's the mexican version of La Última Palabra (The Last Word) on Fox Sports. The main deal here is a free debate of the participants opinions on the global soccer scenario. No line to follow. No words to avoid. It's all a big, intense debate.

Mar 15, 11:24AM EDT0
Any sports books you can recommend to avid sports fans?
Mar 13, 4:58AM EDT0

If you're asking for this, I'm pretty sure you've read/seen Moneyball. There are a lot of books I'd recommend. Give a chance to Ian Herbert's "Quiert Genius", Thomas Hauser's "Muhammad Ali: his life and times", or Jim Afremow's "The Champion's Mind". They are all great.My main recommendation has a minor detail: I've only seen that in Spanish (and it makes a lot of sense, since it is the author's criticism to the dark side of mexican football league, teams and everything that happens behind the scenes). It's Juan VIlloro's "Dios es redondo".Hope you read 'em. They are all great.

Mar 15, 11:22AM EDT0

As a sports fan, who is your favorite athlete of all time?

Mar 13, 1:15AM EDT0

That's a tough one...  I think I'd choose Ronaldinho. Yeah, we've had some great players before. but this guy established a new era in what a legend should work and play like.

Mar 15, 11:17AM EDT0
How many hexagons are on a soccer ball?
Mar 12, 11:54AM EDT0

20 in the classical soccer ball design. The whole number of panel is 32 (the other 12 are pentagons).

Mar 12, 2:33PM EDT0
If you could invent a sport, what type of sport would it be, what name would you give it and what are some of the rules that would be included?
Mar 12, 9:48AM EDT0

Uhmmmm...  it would be a team sport, something similar to handball or soccer, but with no goalies and only 6 players per team. No one can hold the ball longer than 4 seconds and the goals would count up to 3 points depending on the distance of the shot.The name would be Jumpball (sounds awful, I know) or something.

Mar 12, 6:49PM EDT0
You are an NFL GM and can pick any current Big Ten player to start a team, who would you pick and why?
Mar 12, 9:11AM EDT0

Antonio Brown. That's a fact. He's the kind of WR I'd like to have in my team. He gives immediate results, he is not the kind of guy who lives in scandals and holds a bromance with my no. 2. Larry Fitzgerald.  247sports.com/nfl/pittsburgh-steelers/Bolt/Larry-Fitzgerald-continues-Twitter-bromance-with-Antonio-Brown-115711571

Mar 12, 6:53PM EDT0
Taking into account past and present soccer players, who do you believe was or is the best goalie in the world and why?
Mar 12, 8:05AM EDT0

I used to play as a goalie when I was young, so I used to pay close attention to what pro goalies did and try to do it myself when in the pitch. I think nowadays Manuel Neuer is the best goalie in the world. He has taken his position to a whole new level. He has great technique, great reactions, a unique footwork, and, most of all, he's a great leader for two teams full of stars.In the past, I always thought of José Luis Chilavert as a goalie who never had the chance to show the greater player he actually was. He was the first goalkeeper I saw scoring free kicks. He was the captain of the Paraguay national team that went to France 98 and you could easily understand why he was the leader of that team. Unfortunately for him, and for me as a fan, he was often involved in scandals off the pitch.

Mar 12, 4:18PM EDT0
Which athlete do you believe is the best to follow on Twitter, and what about his tweets do you find to be interesting?
Mar 12, 7:01AM EDT0

On Twitter...  uhmmm..  one of my favs is JJ Watt. Man is pure fun and good vibes. Another one is now a classic: Chad Ochocinco. That guy is crazy.

I also like DaniAlvesD2, I'm not much of a religious man, he is, but I like the way he defines himself and redefines the attitude of a pro.I also follow, and enjoy every single tweet, in Juan Ignacio Chela (@JuanIChela) he used to be a tennis pro who held places in the top 20 sometimes. He might not be the most famous, but his tweets...  damn...  they make me laugh 10 out of 10. The bad part is that he only tweets in Spanish. 

Mar 12, 7:07PM EDT0
What would be your single key message in one sentence?
Mar 11, 5:26PM EDT0

If it doesn't make you smile, you can do better than that.

Mar 12, 7:19PM EDT0
What are some of the methods you use to determine the key objective or purpose of a campaign?
Mar 11, 3:36PM EDT0

First of all, one must understand the nature of the product we are trying to promote. For example, it would be senseless for me to try to launch a new brand of bottled water trying to establish it as the best of all if my audience doesn't know it. An understanding of the environment in which my campaign will live is necessary to set realistic goals.Then...   benchmarking. What my competitors do help me see the limits to consider (or break) with my message in order to establish what my client/brand can expect from my campaign.

Mar 12, 9:28PM EDT0
How do you measure the success and ROI of a marketing budget?
Mar 11, 12:48PM EDT0
What was the worst smelling place you have ever been, and what do you think caused the smell?
Mar 11, 12:24PM EDT0

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Uhmmmmmm...  I don't know, maybe my brain decided to block it, but I'm pretty sure it was a locker room.

Mar 12, 7:13PM EDT0
What player’s poster did you have on your wall as a child and why was this particular person so important to you?
Mar 11, 10:02AM EDT0

Does it count if I still have his picture as a wallpaper in my iPad? Damn...  when I was a little child, I really admired Jorge Campos.  I admired the way he could break the soccer status. He was a great goalie and a hell of a striker. There were some matches in which the team would change a midfielder or a forward player for the subtitute goalie and send Campos to attack. That was a great WTF for everyone, but it worked.But...  I must be honest...  Ronaldinho has a special place in my heart. He caused a revolution in soccer, in Barcelona (the team I root for) and in the way I saw and understood soccer.

Mar 12, 7:12PM EDT0
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