If you have any questions about sports, family or money! Ask me anything! AMA!

Aug 11, 2017

Who wants to know something about sports, family and money?

Just ask me anything AMA

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Where are you from?

Aug 11, 5:57AM EDT0


Aug 11, 1:59PM EDT0

Beautiful!  I've always wanted to go!  

Aug 13, 2:23AM EDT0

How old were you when you first started playing a sport?

Aug 11, 5:50AM EDT0

4 years old I'm start playing basketball chess volleyball and football

Aug 11, 2:00PM EDT0

Wow!  That's a lot of extra-curricular activities for a 4 year old!  Which ones did you carry on with and until what age?

Aug 13, 3:28AM EDT0

Is there a special diet you follow for your sport?

Aug 11, 5:12AM EDT0

no there's no special I'll just eat what I want and drink 8 glass of water everyday. I think the special is self decipline I don't drink and smoke.

Aug 11, 2:01PM EDT0

Good stuff!  I think the simplest things are to keep a clean body and mind.  

Aug 13, 2:17PM EDT0

Do you encourage your children and family members to take part and get involved?

Aug 10, 11:40PM EDT0

yes, cause it's also help for healthy living.

Aug 11, 2:02PM EDT1

What is your favourite team sport?

Aug 10, 7:36PM EDT0

basketball, my favorite team is clevland cavaliers.

Aug 11, 2:02PM EDT0

Ah man!  I LOVE playing basketball too!  So much fun!  

Aug 13, 6:26AM EDT0

How many hours a day do you train?

Aug 10, 4:53PM EDT0

3 hours a day.

Aug 11, 2:03PM EDT1

What's been the most gruelling training you've ever been through?

Aug 10, 4:37PM EDT0

I think is the training for my stamina. I've jogging  2 hours a day in exactly 12pm on the open field.

Aug 11, 2:04PM EDT0

What sports do you play?

Aug 10, 1:04PM EDT0

I think I can play all but I'm good and basketball volleyball and any board games like chess and checkboard.

Aug 11, 2:05PM EDT0

Do you think there's a time when someone is too old to keep playing?

Aug 10, 10:49AM EDT0

Yes, but it depends on how old haha.

Aug 11, 2:06PM EDT1

Lol!  When do you think you will stop playing in the future?

Aug 13, 7:25AM EDT0

Have you ever taken part in a sponsored sports/health & fitness event?

Aug 10, 10:04AM EDT0

yes, in the university where I studied before I'm one of the varsity player.

Aug 11, 2:07PM EDT0

Nice!  What did you study at University?

Aug 13, 2:48AM EDT0

How come some sports players get paid a ridiculous amount of money and others get hardly any?

Aug 10, 9:21AM EDT0

Are you a professional sports player?

Aug 10, 8:30AM EDT0

Do you have children and has this affected your ability to spend as much time within your sport?

Aug 10, 8:13AM EDT0

Do you get paid to play sports?

Aug 10, 8:04AM EDT0

What do you think is the most dangerous sport nowadays?

Aug 10, 7:20AM EDT0

Do you have a manager?

Aug 10, 5:01AM EDT0

How long have you played your sport?

Aug 10, 4:58AM EDT0

Do your family support you at your games or competitions?

Aug 10, 4:33AM EDT0

Name one event you've taken part in that made you proud?

Aug 10, 3:54AM EDT0

Is there a big sports culture in your town?

Aug 10, 3:15AM EDT0
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