I'm Ryan Cook, fantasy baseball writer for Fantrax. Ask me anything!

Ryan Cook
Mar 10, 2018

Want a leg up ahead of your draft day? Not sure who to take in the first round? Fire all of your fantasy baseball questions my way! I've spent the last three years covering fantasy baseball, now working as Fantrax's main bullpen guy. Whether it's rankings, ADP, or keeper questions, I'll do my best to provide you with the knowledge you need ahead of your draft.


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What are you eagerly waiting for in 2018?
Mar 12, 12:48PM EDT0
How do you see your favorite team evolve over the next few weeks?
Mar 12, 9:22AM EDT0
Did you set yourself any targets at the start of the season?
Mar 12, 6:17AM EDT0
Have you ever interviewed any famous baseball player?
Mar 10, 10:29AM EST0

What would you say is the easiest aspect of writing on baseball?

Mar 10, 10:20AM EST0

Probably just watching the games. That never feels like work to me!

Mar 10, 6:05PM EST0
Do you read and reply to the reviews and comments of your readers on the blog?
Mar 10, 7:52AM EST0

All the time. Nothing beats a good baseball debate.

Mar 10, 6:04PM EST0
Which sports magazine/book is the one you keep going back to again and again and why?
Mar 9, 5:04PM EST0

Sports Illustrated is a big one for me, same with Baseball America’s Prospect Handbook. 

Mar 10, 6:04PM EST0
How does it feel when you don’t get the recognition you deserve?
Mar 9, 3:20PM EST0

Feel free to send me your teams, lineups, prospect, or keeper questions guys! I'm also available on Twitter (@RyanCook13) so feel free to reach out to me on there throughout the season and ask me anything!

Mar 9, 3:50AM EST0
What goals have you set for yourself now that you understand fantasy baseball in and out’? What do you envision your daily routine being?
Mar 7, 3:44PM EST0
What do you feel that people will gain from reading your write-ups?
Mar 7, 10:43AM EST0
Is it important of sticking to pre-determined draft values for players? At what point should a person jump in and grab one?
Mar 6, 12:19PM EST0

It all depends on need and how the rest of your opponents draft. This season is great due to the fact that positions like third base and shortstop are stacked with options, but catcher and first base aren't so much. Therefore you could see guys like Kris Bryant fall to the second round in a 10 team league, especially if your opponents overreact and address shallow positions early. My advice is to study ADP's and stick to how you personally value players. Unless you're particularly thin at say, first base, by the third round, that is the only time you should be reaching. Plenty of talent available late.

Mar 9, 3:33AM EST0
Do you have a favorite format of the league or style?
Mar 6, 10:17AM EST0

Points based leagues are my jam, and I particularly love deep dynasty leagues. I'm a prospect nerd that loves a good stash. 

Mar 9, 3:34AM EST0
If you could give one piece of advice to someone who is just beginning to play fantasy baseball competitively, what would it be?
Mar 6, 10:12AM EST0

Have fun and reply to EVERY trade request. Don't be that guy who is the lazy owner everyone hates.

Mar 9, 3:34AM EST0
How do you like working with Fantrax?
Mar 6, 9:04AM EST0

Love it! Great group of guys that are super supportive. I also love the direction the site is heading in, it's unlike any other!

Mar 9, 3:35AM EST0
What got you interested into Fantasy sports? How many years have you been writing for?
Mar 5, 6:00PM EST0

I've always been a numbers guy, but I actually once thought fantasy was for nerds. Turns out I was a nerd all along. I have been writing since 2011, I used to mainly cover the NFL.

Mar 9, 3:36AM EST0
Besides baseball, are you interested in any other game?
Mar 5, 5:41PM EST0

I'm fairly across most sports, but I'm a die-hard Packers fan at heart. Being Australian I also love Aussie Rules.

Mar 9, 3:37AM EST0
How do you keep your community active and coming back to the site?
Mar 5, 5:11PM EST0

We tend to stay away from news, and instead focus on analysis, which I think a lot of serious fantasy owners need and love. We also have a great group of people running our social media accounts.

Mar 9, 3:38AM EST0
Who are your writing influences for Sports genre?
Mar 5, 4:43PM EST0
What has made you so confident about these expert write-ups?
Mar 5, 1:43PM EST0
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