Jamel Herring: Marine, Olympian and Professional Boxer - Ask Me Anything!

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Feb 12, 2018

Jamel Herring was the only United States Marine to compete at the 2012 London Olympics and the first active duty marine to qualify for the US boxing team since 1992 .

Herring is a professional boxer signed with Top Rank, with a record of 16-2, 8 KOs.

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Is being a professional boxer a financially rewarding career?

Feb 13, 5:45AM EST0

As a marine and boxer, you must rarely be at home. Do you still miss your family a lot or are you already used to this set up?

Feb 13, 4:47AM EST0

What did you do when you were with the marines? Where were you usually assigned?

Feb 13, 2:16AM EST0

How do you motivate yourself to continue fighting in the boxing ring when punches start to physically hurt?

Feb 12, 11:20PM EST0

Why did you choose boxing and not any other sport? Did you train to learn or do you feel like you were born with the skills?

Feb 12, 8:12PM EST0

Each time you bleed or get hurt when in the boxing ring, do you still feel all this is worth it?

Feb 12, 7:37PM EST0

You have such a unique and interesting career - if you were offered to have your life made into a movie, would you agree? Which actor would you pick to play you in the film?

Feb 12, 10:34AM EST0

I don't know about me, but if they ever make a movie about Kevin Kelley (the Flushing Flash) I could definitely play him.

Feb 16, 12:37AM EST0

What is your ultimate dream as a professional boxer?

Feb 12, 12:15AM EST0

How does it feel to be part of the Olympics? Is this your proudest moment as a boxer?

Feb 11, 4:59PM EST0

If you weren’t part of the marines and you didn’t become a boxer, what do you think your career or life would be like?

Feb 11, 4:38PM EST0

If you can choose any boxer that you want to fight with, who would it be?

Feb 11, 12:33PM EST0

Miguel Berchelt, the WBC champion. They keep saying Berchelt is one of the best guys out there in the weight. Whatever comes to the table, I don't want to be the guy known for fighting nobody. At the end of the day I have to earn it. At the end of the day you want to fight the best out there.

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Feb 16, 12:16AM EST0

How does one go about joining the Olympics? Is it an invite-only thing? Do you audition?

Feb 11, 7:02AM EST0

What inspires you and motivates you to be the best that you are both in the marines and in the boxing ring?

Feb 10, 6:16PM EST0

Do professional boxers practice every day? Or do you just practice when there’s a fight coming up?

Feb 10, 5:00PM EST0

I always train and always stay in shape. But a boxer has a specific training camp when a fight is scheduled.

Feb 16, 12:19AM EST0

Is the US government supportive to Olympians? Like what kind of support do you usually get?

Feb 10, 8:55AM EST0

Do you ever get scared about the negative physical effects of being a boxer that you might not see today but may manifest in the future?

Feb 10, 7:24AM EST0

Oh yeah, of course. You watch guys that have been around longer than they should have and you start seeing things like slurring your speech and people having issues with their eyes and eyesight. Boxing is an unforgiving sport, they call it the hurt business for a reason. That's the risk we take as fighters, especially when we love the sport so much. You have to take precautions especially when you have a family that's viewing everything that's going on. I respect guys like Miguel Cotto, he did all he could do. We've known for years that his family has want more time with him and I respected him for what he did. He went out healthy and he did it his way. 

Feb 16, 12:27AM EST0

If you could turn back time and you can only have one career, would you choose being a marine or a professional boxer?

Feb 10, 6:13AM EST0

Dead or alive, who are other professional boxers you look up to and admire?

Feb 10, 3:29AM EST0

You’re still pretty young at this point - at what age does a boxer usually retire?

Feb 9, 7:20PM EST0

You have extremely impressive stats! It appears you’re in the lightweight division; would you ever consider losing or gaining weights to fight under other divisions too?

Feb 9, 4:52PM EST0

Is it true that you only had two weeks to prepare as a team for the 2012 Olympics? Do you think that results could have been better if you had more time?

Feb 9, 1:38PM EST1

Yes, that's true. I make no excuses at the end of the day I take everything as a learning experience but that's really a true story. At the time, USA Boxing was going through a lot looking for a head trainer. They had one guy, then they had another one and it just kept going. It became like a lottery pick after a while and by the time we actually got a trainer we only spent two weeks togehter in the States as a team and then another two weeks at Amir Khan's gym in the UK before the Olympic games started. We had guys like Errol Spence, Marcus Browne, Rau'Shee Warren, my boy Joseph Diaz, Jose Ramirez--all those guys are doing great as pros and I feel like if we had enough time to get acustomed to that type of competition the outcome could have been different.

Feb 16, 12:10AM EST0

Since boxers practically get physically hurt while in the ring, how do you explain to your family that this is okay?

Feb 9, 9:05AM EST0

What are some of the best pieces of advice you can share with aspiring boxers as well as other athletes who dream of joining the Olympics?

Feb 9, 6:16AM EST1

I tell everybody, take your craft serious. There are a lot of dreamers out there and a lot of guys who want to be in that position to make the Olympics and get on that podium. I also tell people don't ever give up on yourself either. I tell people my story from 2011 when I went into the Olympic trials I was the least favored to win it. I was going against guys that was already multi-national champions and I went out there and won every fight that I was put in for the Olympic trials. No matter what is thrown at you, never give up on your dreams.

Feb 16, 12:14AM EST0

Since boxers practically get physically hurt while in the ring, how long does for a boxer to recover from fight?

Feb 9, 3:15AM EST0

In your opinion, what’s the best fight so far in boxing history?

Feb 9, 2:42AM EST0

As far as today I would say Terence Crawford. Vasyl Lomachenko too, you could say either or. Those are the top two on my list.

Feb 16, 12:33AM EST0
Aside from boxing, are you interested in any other sport?
Feb 8, 8:10PM EST0