May 30, 2018

Do the SAT and ACT make you feel C-R-A-Z-Y? I'm College Coach Kristie, and you can AMA!

May 25, 2018

17, male, Christian, politically unaffiliated, enjoys sports, wrestling, hip-hop and Disney. AMA

I'm Melissa Krechler and I am a Mindset Coach for men and women who seemingly have the ideal life but are still unhappy. Are you shamed because of your emotions, do you envy the lives of other's, do you not understand your unhappiness? AMA

May 25, 2018

Daily Roundups, 25 May 2018: Taking a Walk Through the Industries of Corporate Coaching, 3D Printing, Homeopathy, Liquor Startup, and Wedding and Portrait Photography

I'm a Career and Personal Development Strategy Coach. As a Career and Life Coach, we help you find your personal roadblocks and find solutions to break out of the box and reach your goals. You can ask me anything about starting and building an online business and marketing.

May 25, 2018

I am a college graduate who last night went STREAKING across the football field after graduating with a 3.98 GPA! AMA!

Trained wellness coach and certified fitness instructor with personal exprience and tools to help others achieve their healthiest selves through gradual, sustainable behavior changes. Start your individual wellness journey today, ask me anything!

I’m a Career Coach and help people find jobs they LOVE (or at least tolerate)! AMA about work, life or Starbucks.

I'm an executive coach with lots of experience in growing and turning around companies. I have a powerful business plan tool which I am happy to share with you. Ask my anything about business planning KISS style.

May 25, 2018

Darryl Whiting, Coach, Fitness Expert, Exercise Specialist and Trainer, Bull by the Horns Fitness, NYC. Ask Me Anything!

May 24, 2018

Melissa Krechler Mindset Coach AMA

Matt Rosenblum, CEO of Advanced Life Coch Marketing, Marketing Consultant/Coach for Life Coaches AMA.

May 24, 2018

I'm a black male that doesn't fit many of the stereotypes, AMA

I'm Kris and I chose a $60,000 pay cut to become a mindset and play coach, and I do not believe in work/life balance. Want to know HOW? Ask me anything.

AMA! Kerry Wekelo: Want to skyrocket your career? Start a new business? I have been coaching others at my firm and personally and have seen others blossom to meet their DREAMS.

My name is Toni Marinucci and I am a Registered Dietitian who coaches people on how to develop healthy habits so that they can overcome the perpetuates cycle of dieting. Ask me anything!

AMA - Dating and Relationship Coach based in NYC

Leadership Life Coach- Ask Me Anything.

Amy McNally Success coach who specializes in helping clients make more money! AMA

Hi, my name is Jon Biedermann. As the founder of DonorPerfect Online, I help nonprofits raise billions of dollars every year. I also have a healthy obsession with community fundraising, and have saved an 8 story Kids Castle, built Baseball lights, and run basketball leagues. AMA about local or global nonprofit fundraising, or any SaaS software/tech questions.

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